Commercial Pest Control

Why choose us to protect your business?

Our passion is working with our business customers to ensure they are protected from pests. Knowing they can concentrate on what makes them great with one less thing to worry about is the reason we are so proud of our service

There are many pest control companies who will be targeting your business. Below is a list of what we believe are important considerations however our greatest asset is our fantastic team who will go above and beyond to ensure you receive an outstanding service.

  • CEPA Certified We are independently audited and accredited to the highest standards in Europe.
  • British Pest Control Association (BPCA) members - We may not be the largest company in the UK but we have the back up of the countries leading pest control trade body.
  • All technicians are DBS Police checked - You can rest assured that our employees are trustworthy.
  • Environmentally Safe - All technicians are accredited "Wildlife Aware" by the body responsible for rodenticide safety in the UK.
  • You will have a nominated technician who will be solely responsible for your business- unlike some larger companies who send a different technician every time. We know that when an issue is "owned" by an individual it gets sorted much quicker.
  • Rapid response times - being a local company we provide most callouts within an hour.
  • Available 24/7 - 365 days a year to our contract customers.
  • All documentation available via an online portal which uses banking level security - Reduce paperwork by having everything available anytime you want it.
  • All COSHH, Risk assessments, Environmental assessments etc completed by us so you don't need to waste time.
  • Cost effective - We only operate locally so we keep our efficiency high and overheads low.
  • Progressive - We use the latest technology, methods and products to make sure we are at the forefront of industry developments. Some pest control companies are still resisting changes to working practices that are archaic and in some cases illegal.
  • Professional - We are proud of our industry and our company. We are highly trained and skilled and aim to provide you with a service which you would recommend to your friends.
  • Foot Hygiene Rated
  • CEPA
  • BPCA
  • BPCA

Is your business protected from pests?

Even the smallest creature can cause big problems!

Just one pest can have a massive impact on your business. Public Health Inspectors can visit your premises at any time to ensure that your staff and customers are kept safe. Are you confident that your premises are pest-free. If problems are found your business could be closed and you could face a court appearance. The reputation you have built up could be destroyed in seconds.

Our Commercial Pest Control services will get rid of your pest issues but, more importantly, if you have a Pest Control Contract with us you can be sure that pests will never be a problem to you again.

Pests can cause:

  • Structural damage
  • Negative customer experiences
  • Damage to raw materials and inventory
  • Transmission of harmful diseases
  • Breach of health regulations
  • Food poisoning
  • Decrease in employee productivity and morale

Our standard contracts provide you with 8 visits per year, which cover insects and rodents from only £37 per month. We provide full documentation to ensure that all your legal responsibilities are fulfilled.

You do not have to complete:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Impact assessments
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Safety Data Sheets

    We provide all documentation to ensure a comprehensive audit trail and work to British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards as well as those stipulated by Tesco and Marks & Spencer. When you choose Environmental Pest Control, you choose Integrated Pest Management. We work hard to stop pests ever becoming a problem to you and your business. Prevention is better than cure.

What you can expect from us:

  • Comprehensive inspections: We detect any hygiene issues or structural conditions conducive to pests
  • Identification of pest activity: We examine and report any evidence of pest infestation
  • Risk evaluation: We consider your business type, geography and any conditions likely to lead to pest activity
  • Focus on prevention: When we can, we start with exclusion, good hygiene and other non-chemical and environmentally friendly options
  • Environmentally responsible: If a product is needed, we will select the most effective treatment with the least impact on the environment
  • Hygiene consultation: We will consult with you to make sure your cleaning, facility maintenance and exclusion efforts make a real impact on potential pest "hot spots"
  • Monitor:? Documentation, and communication help to ensure ongoing effectiveness of our service.
  • Ongoing protection: During regular service inspections, we will monitor for signs of pest activity, looks for pest-conducive conditions, and ensure that your program is working
  • Rapid Response: Should you need us between visits we will provide a rapid response.
  • Documentation and communication: After each service, we will document all services performed, pest activity and any other recommendations. This documentation can be printed , emailed or available via our online portal so you have 24/7 -365 access .

Remember that Pests not only infest food premises. Any building that rodents and insects can enter is likely to be a suitable breeding ground. Our customers include clothing manufacturers, light and heavy industry, car workshops, churches and other religious buildings.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

With Environmental Pest Control, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As members of the British Pest Control Association you can be assured that you are dealing with only fully trained professionals who undergo a constant program of training in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

In addition to this all our Technicians are Accredited Wildlife Aware Technicians this prestigious award demonstrates our commitment to the responsible use of poisons to ensure the safety of the environment as well as your staff and customers.

All our technicians are also Police checked with current Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Certificates

We do not have dissatisfied customers. Our belief when it comes to our Pest Control is "that It's our problem until its no longer your problem."

Nothing can threaten your reputation quite like a pest infestation. In pest control, success starts with science. That's why you need an expert. We service customers in a wide variety of industries and tailor our programs to fit the countless different environments we face every day.

When you choose Environmental Pest Control, you choose a programme that addresses your specific needs. We start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and deliver solutions that help provide unrivalled results.


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