Pest Advice - Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are emerging as a major public health pest.

No one really understands why they are on the increase, although common theories include cheaper travel, climate change, central heating, ineffective insecticides and the effects of migration. Whatever the reason there is no doubt these pests are a real nuisance. The good news is that there is no evidence that Bed Bugs pass on diseases in the way that mosquitoes do. However, the biting can cause severe reactions and the shed skins and faeces of Bed Bugs can also cause allergic reactions.

The problem with Bed Bugs is that they are very good travellers, they have been known to attach themselves to suitcases and clothing and can also walk a very long distance in search of food.

The earlier life stages of Bed Bugs and the eggs in particular are very small and are very difficult to see. The adults however are easily see (as is shown in the video above) once they are flushed out of their hiding place.

The bed bugs are found on mattresses but more often on bed frames, headboards, bedside tables and skirting boards. Our inspections have also found them behind loose wallpaper, in cracks on doorframes, children's toys, wardrobes, inside electrical sockets, behind pictures and in sofas and chairs.

We have also treated bedbugs in cars, buses and lorries!

No insecticide is able to kill the eggs. Our solution to this is to use high pressure superheated steam as part of our treatment program. The steam will boil the eggs, rendering them unable to hatch. Some of our insecticides also contain Insect Growth Regulators which lock the insect into their current life stage so the younger Bed Bugs will be unable to breed.

There is no quick and easy treatment for Bed Bugs and if you are told that one treatment will eradicate bed bugs be very suspicious.

We follow a systematic approach using complementary treatments to ensure a full and thorough eradication. It is essential that we work together to sort out these pests.

There is no DIY advice we can give to sort out a Bedbug infestation. Even among pest controllers bed bugs are a specialist area of work. We are trained by the British Pest Control Association to specifically deal with these pests and we have invested in the best possible equipment to ensure we can provide you with the best service.

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