Pest Advice - Ants

There are many species of ants in the UK. Everyone has seen the little black ants running around in their garden. Some may have even seen the red ones. Normally, they are perfectly harmless to us but if a colony discovers a way into your house, they can cause a lot of stress.

Ants don't carry disease so are not a threat to you. It's the fact that many people don't like the idea of thousands of the insects crawling around their home in search of food. A lot of the time, a single scout ant can accidentally stumble across some breadcrumbs on the floor or some fruit that has rolled under the kitchen counter. This one single scout ant then goes and tells the others where to find the food. Before you know it, you can have ants entering your house to plunder your kitchen!

Sometimes, the ants nest can be in your house itself. There are a wide variety of ants that will happily make their nest in your house. One of the most common is the Pharaoh Ant. The Pharaoh Ant is a lot smaller than normal ants and sometimes you won't notice them unless you're actively searching for them. They are a mere 2mm in length and are light yellow in colour. The unique thing about the Pharaoh Ant is the fact that the colonies have multiple queens and if they are attacked with Insect Killer or Ant Powder, they will split up into smaller sub colonies thus making eradication more difficult.

We use specialist equipment to deal with Ant Infestations and use a proven method of clearing your property of the Ants. The products we use cannot be bought in shops or the internet.

The video below shows black ants reacting to our gel treatment. As you can see they quickly crowd around the bait and eat it without hesitation. This video was taken within 30 seconds of application.

Many of our customers have suffered with the misery of ants for many years before calling us. We can sort them so give us a call.

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