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You are probably looking at this page because you have a wasp problem. Every summer wasps cause misery to people who have their lives blighted by this pest. People can be trapped in their homes, children confined indoors on sunny days, pets stung, barbecues ruined.

Wasps will form a nest in just about any void. Our most common ca

ll out are for wasps in roof spaces, window frames, air bricks, roof eaves and soffits, sheds, trees and just about anywhere else you can think of. A big nest can contain up to 10,000 wasps.

So what are the dangers?

Most people have heard of anaphylactic shock and are aware that one wasp sting can be fatal if not treated quickly. Recent research has also highlighted the dangers to people fitted with stents in the heart. Evidence of Kounis Syndrome is still emerging but it is worrying reading.

There is also the danger of multiple stings. Everyone is different but it can take very few stings to become a real medical emergency and with 10,000 wasps in a nest it doesn't pay to upset them too much!

What should you do or not do

Do not under any circumstances block up a hole leading to a nest. Wasps will attempt to chew their way out if trapped and they are more than capable of munching through your plasterboard. Every year we attend homes where wasps have been blocked in and then chewed there way into a bedroom or bathroom through the ceiling.

Do you need to treat it? Consider if the wasps pose a risk to you. Some nests will not cause you an issue and they will eventually die off.

Please consider the risks before attempting to treat a nest yourself. We use very good protective equipment but still get stung every year. Do not underestimate the speed and ferocity of an upset wasp. Wasps can and do sting multiple times and each time they do sting they emit a pheromone which provokes other wasps nearby to join in the attack. As few as 20 stings can prove fatal and if you are susceptible to wasp venom a single sting can be fatal.

Do not treat a wasp nest from a roof or ladder - You will not be able to get down before the wasps get you and trying to get down a ladder whilst being pursued by wasps is not advisable.

Do not try to smoke them out or set fire to the nest with petrol/diesel etc. Its not very effective and you wouldn't believe how many people set their own house on fire trying this. I know I shouldn't have to write this but having seen many You Tube clips I thought I'd better mention it.

What we do

We will attend and assess the best method of dealing with the nest. Our equipment allows us to reach up to 8 metres without the use of a ladder. We do carry ladders if needed. We usually use a insecticide powder which is injected into the nest under pressure. This normally starts working within minutes and most nests will be gone within a few hours.

We guarantee to sort out the nest with no further payment so if you find it hasn't worked we will return and treat it again.

In some circumstances we use aerosol based insecticides when we have a direct view of the nest. This most commonly occurs when tradesmen (roofers etc) uncover a nest and require a quick resolution in order to continue working. This service incurs an extra charge due to the additional cost of the aerosol.

We do not routinely physically remove the nest after treatment as it will naturally decay. Wasps will never re-use the same nest again so you needn't worry about that happening. If you require the nest removing we can do this but there will be an additional cost.

Like most trades Pest Control suffers from "cowboys" who suddenly pop out of the woodwork in the summer months and will offer their wasp services at what seems a bargain price. Don't be surprised when they do a poor job, suddenly add extra charges on top of the agreed price and don't return your calls when you find the nest is still there. They will probably be unqualified and uninsured.

Make sure your pest controller is a member of the British Pest Control Association as you can then be sure you are dealing with a qualified insured professional.

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