Pest Advice - Squirrels

Grey Squirrels find our roofspaces and buildings ideal environments in which to live. They can however cause severe damage as they gnaw on electrical cables, pipes and even water tanks. The risks of fire or electrocution from exposed wires are not anecdotal we have seen the damage.

As well as the damage squirrels carry parasites such as mites and fleas which they bring into your premises. Combined with the urine and faeces they deposit they provide an ideal insect breeding ground and provide another reason to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The first sign of a squirrel problem is usually the noise. Scurrying, scratching, scampering are words our customers have used to describe the sounds. You may also see the squirrels entering your building or be aware of squirrels in your area.

Rats and squirrels can both be causes of noises in the roofspace and part of our investigation we confirm what your problem is and treat it accordingly. Rat and squirrel dropping are very similar but our experience enables us to identify the culprit.

Unlike other companies we will deal with unboarded attics, we carry our own crawl boards and telescopic ladders to enable us to gain access to the most difficult locations.

Our service aims to rid your premises of the squirrel and then block up the access holes that the squirrels have used to get in. It is important to do it in that order. You don't want a squirrel trapped inside your building and likewise a squirrel blocked out of his home may cause damage trying to get back in.

We use traps and sometimes a specialist grey squirrel bait to ensure control. We can also use motion sensitive cameras to identify the routes the squirrels are using.

Why take the risk in dealing with the problems yourself? Call in a professional.

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