Pest Advice - Foxes

Foxes are an emotive issue in urban areas. Some people love to see them and even leave food out to attract them to their gardens.

Other people have major problems with foxes; bin bags ripped open and rubbish strewn around, noise, faeces and damage in the garden. Recent cases have also highlighted the risks to young children from foxes who are losing their fear of man.

If you have a den in your garden perhaps under a shed or decking you will notice that the fox will bring rubbish back to the area. This can range from chicken carcasses scavenged from bins to nappies and even children's toys!

We use a variety of methods to both deter and capture problem foxes. We are experienced in installing discrete electric fencing which can be a long term solution and surprisingly cost effective.

Where appropriate we use non lethal trapping systems in accordance with the DEFRA codes of practice to prevent any unnecessary suffering.

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