Pest Advice - Mice & Rats

As you can probably imagine we deal with more rat and mice problems than anything else. The West Midlands has a major problem with rodents rapidly developing a resistance to the commonly used poisons.

Most of our customers have tried various DIY baiting, trapping and even ultra sonic devices without success. In fact a lot of people spend more on DIY attempts than it would to employ us to sort the problem in the first place!

Tighter restrictions on DIY mouse and rat poisons has reduced the choice available to home use and the majority contain active ingredients that have no effect on the mice and rats in this region. Further restrictions on the strength of the poison will be introduced this year which will make home use rodent poisons even less effective.

Please do not waste your money on ultrasonic devices - they DO NOT WORK. We go to so many homes with these devices plugged in and the mice and rats are completely undeterred. Some of these devices are very expensive and the claims made by the manufacturers are completely lacking in scientific evidence.

Traps can be effective for a small localised infestation but it will be a long slow process. If you are going to use a "humane" live trap please ensure you check it every day as starving a mouse or rat to death is not very humane.

Glue boards- We do not use them as they do very little to reduce a rodent population and they are required to be checked by law at least every 12 hours.

Cats - We visit plenty of homes that have cats and an active rodent population so we cannot recommend getting a cat as a means of sorting out your problems

Mothballs/Peppermint Oil etc. If you look on the internet you will find lots of things that people swear has worked for them. We have seen them all and if we thought any of them worked we would be telling you. They don't despite what the hairdressers sister says!

So what can we do for you ?

When we visit you we will listen to what you have seen & heard. We will then carry out a thorough inspection and survey before deciding on the best course of action.

We have a wide array of baits, formulations, traps, indicators and delivery methods to choose the most appropriate method of removing your infestation.

*Update* We now have state of the art drain CCTV cameras. Click here for more information.

We are experienced in baiting public areas discretely and have solutions for safeguarding areas with young children and pets present.

We don't just throw poison down never to be seen again. On our return we will check the area again and re-assess the situation. We will check for rodent bodies and remove them from your premises. You will be kept fully updated as to the progress and no work will be carried out without your consent. You will have no hidden charges.

We are members of the Campaign for the Responsible Use of Rodenticide and take our responsibilities not to harm any other wildlife seriously.

Long term solutions not quick fixes

At the end of our treatment we will block up any holes we suspect the rodents are entering through. We use concrete, steel mesh and specialist sealants to ensure they do not return. Long term solutions not quick fixes.

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